Spooky Getaway Ideas for Halloween

Bored of the same old trick-or-treat parties? Here are some frightening destinations ideal for a Halloween getaway. They're so perfect, it's scary!

Otesaga Resort Hotel — Cooperstown, NY

For years, the 104-year-old Otesaga Resort Hotel was rumored to have paranormal activity. After a visit from SyFy Channel's Ghost Hunters, the stories were found to be true as the crew confirmed that the historic hotel is indeed haunted with "friendly spirits." Guests have reported hearing children playing and/or giggling in the third floor hallway (from 1920 until 1954, the hotel was a private girl's school known as the Knox School for Girls). Voices have been heard in the Glimmerglass Room, apparitions have been seen walking hand-in-hand in period clothing, staff have heard their names being called from unseen sources and a security officer heard people walking above him on the fifth floor.

Photo credit: Otesaga Resort Hotel

Photo credit: Otesaga Resort Hotel

 Wolcott Hotel — New York City

The Wolcott Hotel has received numerous reports of paranormal events during its 108 years of existence. As a historic landmark hotel opened in 1904, the Wolcott Hotel has heard many reports from guests, vendors and employees about similar unusual and spooky events. Occurrences include mysterious music playing from unseen sources, deliverymen and workers feeling an unknown presence and even being touched by thin air while in the historic (and now vacant) Wolcott ballrooms. Repeated ghostly sightings of an elderly man with a cane walking through one of the hotel’s hallways and two young boys wearing pajamas either playing in the stairwells or running up or down the stairs have been recounted.

Cotswolds — Ellenborough Park, England

Situated in England's Cotswolds, Ellenborough Park, a country manor house hotel, is close by to numerous supernatural sightings steeped in the region's rich history. The nearby city of Cheltenham, famous for its racetrack, is home to a number of resident ghosts. The "Cheltenham Ghost," the best authenticated ghost by the Society for Psychical Research, has been seen around Pittville Circus Road since the 19th century and visitors to the historic Everyman Theater often encounter a figure in the gallery, said to be the ghost of a cleaning woman. Prestbury, a village located in northern Cheltenham, is often claimed to be the most haunted village in England. Among the many ghosts that call Prestbury home include soldiers from the War of the Roses and the English Civil War, a girl playing the spinet, mourners in a funeral procession, and poltergeists in a newsstand and hat shop.