Discover Brit Stitch: British Manufactured Handbags and Customisation Combined

The demand for British-based manufacturing and customisation is something that the public is craving more and more, so we were extremely excited to discover the leather handbag company Brit-StitchThis UK company creates beautiful bags in an array of trendy pastel and classically hued monochromes, available in a core range of four styles: Milkman, Mini Milkman, Full Pint and Half Pint. So, they pretty much offer a size and colour for every occasion!


For an additional £10, they also offer a Make Your Own service, as they realise that not everybody’s tastes are the same and sometimes people want to create bespoke pieces to express their own individual style personalities. We decided to try out the process.

With a choice between a Half Pint or Milkman style leather bag, we opted for the Milkman and headed to the Make Your Own dashboard on their site to play around with different colour combinations. You have the choice of using three different colours on your bag, and it’s totally easy to use and create different looks. The difficult part is narrowing down your favourite look to purchase after you’ve created so many gorgeous variations.

brit stitch 1

We decided upon using just two colours, grayed jade and African violet, which made a striking combination. We placed our order, and a speedy delivery of our perfectly bespoke statement bag arrived. It looks just as good as we’d imagined the final product to look, and it’s definitely a piece that we can easily tie in with lots of different outfits. What do you think?

bag brit

the bag pictured was provided by the company for review