Josie Maran: How to Live ‘Chicologically’


I've made it one of my life missions to help people live more eco-conscious lifestyles. The earth is our home—not just the house we own but the ground we walk on. Eco-ideology is a lifestyle I was taught from an early age. It helps me see that we are what our earth is, and that if we want to be healthy, which we do, our home has to be healthy, too.

When it comes to home decor, being eco doesn't have to break the bank. The best way to keep to a budget is to be creative with what you have. Simplicity and DIY projects are key. We all like to have nice things, but no matter what your particular limitations, you can always afford what you want if you use your own creative style. Among my favorite home décor shops and brands are Heath Ceramics and ABC Home and Planet because I love that they make gifts to visionary organizations that support women's empowerment.

There's no need to dive head first and make drastic changes, however. Learning what your body needs, and your family's bodies need to be well-nourished is a good place to start. Start small at home—recycle, do DIY projects using stuff you've already got instead of buying new. You’ll be amazed by how easy it is to make a small difference. For those on a budget, remember to buy products that are multi-taskers. I use my 100% Pure Argan Oil as a face moisturizer, cuticle softener and to treat damaged hair. I also suggest buying the largest bottle of products you know you'll use up because it’s less wasteful (and less expensive) than replenishing often. Further, it's definitely worth researching so your beauty purchases match your own values. For me, I want everything I put on myself or my kids to be eco-friendly and healthy. I'm always researching new developments in the organic/natural area.

Also, when shopping, keep in mind the eco-footprint of the fabrics, fair labor practices in manufacturing, where and how the fabric and the clothing are made, whether the manufacturer or designer gives back to the community and the durability of the garments. One of my favorite eco fashion lines is Amour Vert. I love their belief that “women shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for sustainability.” They have a zero-waste design philosophy and use low impact dyes and sustainable fabrics like recycled polyester, silk and organic cotton.