When Vogue Isn’t Enough: Get Your Fashion Fix With These Alt Fashion Magazines

Lately, those who are in the know in the fashion industry are seeking out higher and more esoteric publishing fare. What do I mean? Alt fashion mags. Most of them are only published biannually and come at a cost of $40 or $50 an issue, but that doesn't stop their devoted fans from snapping them up off the presses. While some can be had with an easy online scrip (if you're willing to pay the price), others are the stuff of fashion dreams for the casual observer.

What do we love about them? Dare I say, Anna's been at the helm of Vogue so long that my pages start to fossilize before they hit my front step each month. We love the freshness of the more alternative fare. Their attitude! The fearless way they let creative people take risks without hemming them in by a strict idea of what's "right" and "wrong." So think, vive le difference as you check out our slideshow below.