Holiday Stress? Watch These Memorable TV Thanksgiving Episodes to Take the Edge Off

You know what I'm Thankful for? TV. TV and the glorious cornucopia of Thanksgiving episodes it has bestowed upon us. I don't care if we're supposed to be thankful for family or our health, I'm thankful for belly laughs on the couch at the end of a busy day. Especially a busy day of cooking or cleaning for family when the onslaught of holiday gatherings begins. There's something about watching other people stress and prepare for the holidays while sitting on my butt that gives me immense satisfaction.

Whether it's watching Monica have a meltdown over a burnt turkey (I mean, who do you think put the concept of Friendsgiving on the map?) or basking in the stylized perfection of Lilly Bass' Thanksgiving tablescape, it's nice to view the holiday through the lens of fiction.

Friends – The One Where Ross Got High

How can you choose just one Friends Thanksgiving episode? You really can't. But the clip above highlights some of the crazy family drama that surrounds this holiday, which after the turkey is eaten is really about the people you spend it with. This episode incorporates actual family — Monica and Ross' parents — so it's true to a lot of our personal impressions of Thanksgiving. Many people spend it with their parents, and whether or not they bring a significant other or whether or not that person is accepted by their parents can play a big part in the festivities. Plus, this clip references Rachel's trifle, Ross and Rachel's quickie Vegas marriage, Ross' unluckiness in love, Monica's childhood weight problem — many classic comedic themes the sitcom is known for.