Holiday Stress? Watch These Memorable TV Thanksgiving Episodes to Take the Edge Off

Gossip Girl – The Treasure of the Serena Madre

Oh Gossip Girl. Since the beginning, Thanksgiving has been a pivotal plot point and emotional cornerstone of the show and especially Blair's character arch. This clip is a particularly soaptastic example of the teen drama with affairs and secrets and grudges spilling out all over. But there are so many reasons this clip is great. It continues the tradition of Serena's wildly inappropriate family gathering fashion choices. It highlights the role alcohol can play in getting through a family holiday (you know you've taken a long draught of wine a la Lilly Van der Woodsen Bass Humphry after a comment your mother made). But mostly this is the luxurious Upper East Side Thanksgiving table I've lusted after ever since I saw it — metallic golden pine cones, bud vases of orange mums, those Crate and Barrel wine glasses that appear in almost every episode ever, it's all so posh.