Planning a Party? Yes, There’s an App for That (or Eight)

You've decided to host a party in honor of…something. Let's say, given the time of year, it's a holiday fete. You're excited for the big day but not a little stressed out. There's a lot that can go wrong, and you want to throw something organized and stylish, maybe it's your first "grown-up" event. No red plastic cups, no fridge filled with beer bottles, and no cheesy dorm room posters lining the walls. How do you do it? Do you run all over town schlepping and juggling lists and shopping bags? Mais non! Not in this day and age of technology. 

To quote Apple's infamous tagline, when it comes to step-by-step party planning, "There's an app for that." Or rather, apps for that. We've culled the seemingly billions of apps available to bring you eight that will act as a party planning assistant, from menu and drinks to decor and music. Ready?