The Single Girl’s Guide to Nailing Tinder

Tinder couple posing

The Tinderverse is a strange place. Of course, there are a lot of fine young thangs to see, but there are a fair share of profiles you’ll come across that are just…off in some way. Wether they’ve got too many selfies or just seem plain crazy from their pictures, you don’t want to be that person. It’s just a matter of sticking to a few simple guidelines that will optimize the experience.

We’ve got the formula. Here are a few tricks we learned that will help you kill the Tinder profile game.

Pose like a bawse in at least one picture

You need to let these folks know you are not to be toyed with. You are in control like Janet Jackson; a woman who stomps with authority. Hit ’em with a subtle smize and a commanding-but-sexy stance. Make this your lead image.

Include one swimsuit photo

If you’re comfortable doing it, there’s no shame in adding a ‘kini shot. People respond to skin. You’re more likely to get more matches with one thrown in there. More matches mean more opportunities to meet a cutie.

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Keep your profile short

Swipe left, swipe right. Nobody’s trying to read your life story. Keep the extra details about yourself for Limit your “about me” to a cute quip, or just the very basics: job, location, etc. Or, don’t write anything at all!

Limit your celebrity pictures to one

Yes, celebrity sightings are cool, especially if you ran into Jared Leto at Coachella, but you don’t want to look like that girl who flags down celebs for photos on the reg. Your selfie with David Beckham is great, but leave it at that.

Avoid Instagram clichés

Does anyone need to scroll through another picture of your knees at the beach? There’s enough of those. If the hashtag was #tbt, leave it out. Did you cook that dinner all by yourself? No one on Tinder is interested. And please, no bathroom selfies, thank you.

Mix it up

Try to have a variety of photos, one at a party, another in the outdoors. It’s a subtle way to let people know that you’re an exciting, multi-faceted person. Tinder’s all about the photos, so make sure the ones you choose say something about your personality. That’ll make them more likely to swipe right.

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