Get Centered With the Perfect Morning Routine

woman waking up


Not many of us can confess to being morning people. But even the most devoted night owl can switch up her routine by cultivating an a.m. regimen that sets the tone for the entire day. Consider these tips the little jump starts you need to transform your day from drab to fab.

Start Positive

Work, family, relationships…they all have their place in the seemingly endless list of life's various stressors. Yet if you begin the day with a pit in your stomach, frantically worrying about what's to come, you're setting yourself up for a negative outcome. Take a positive approach and reflect on the things you're grateful for, whether it's something as simple as a cozy bed or as grand as an upcoming vacation. Shifting your attitude to gratitude frames the day in an entirely different capacity; you feel upbeat, with the potential to handle everything that comes your way in stride.

Start Refreshed

Caffeine addicts know there's nothing like that first gulp of joe, but adding a cold glass of water may actually be a more effective way to rise and shine. That first infusion of hydration is essential after waking up: it's refreshing, it floods your cells with its most vital element and it even helps you get going after a less-than-restful night. For an extra detoxifying boost, add a squeeze of lemon juice.

Start Comfortable

From toe-pinching heels to dresses that ride up just a bit too much, there's never a place in our wardrobes for uncomfortable attire. Sure, those shoes may be sexy and that dress may turn heads, but at what cost? Your comfort is king, and that starts with a foundation of wearable, sinfully soft panties. Fruit of the Loom has reinvented its formula and crafted what could be considered the perfect cotton panty: it doesn't pinch or cut into the skin, it has finer yarn for the extra soft feel and it's available in everything from boy shorts to briefs to bikinis.

Start Beautiful

What is it that makes you feel most beautiful? Maybe you don't have time to flat iron your hair to silken perfection every morning or even apply a full face of makeup, but adding a few basic elements of personal beauty ideals to your morning routine can make a world of difference. Slick on the lip gloss that makes you feel phenomenal, swipe on the highlighter that gives you an Ibiza glow or throw on the dress that flatters your figure. Even in a rush, you'll feel like your routine afforded you a million-dollar look.

Start Energized

Even if it's just a quick five-minute stretching routine, your morning benefits from some movement. Basic yoga moves will alert your body that it's time to start the day, while a regular full-throttle morning workout has amazing benefits that extend well beyond the span of just the day. Over time, your body adapts to the rhythm of a new schedule, and your newfound energy will put you in an incredible mood day after day.

Start with Yourself

Most days are so busy that it's probably difficult to carve out even a couple of minutes of alone time. Savor a few precious moments of quiet every morning and spend the time on something that's just for you — catching up on the news, enjoying a cup of tea, whipping up a nutritious breakfast, even planning the evening's activities. This is a great way to mentally prepare yourself for the day, with a relaxed mind, a forward-thinking attitude and a sense of accomplishment.

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