Must-Do or Taboo? Water Sports During Your Period



Summer is meant for exploring the limits of your adventurous side, whether it’s packing a tent and going camping, going for a hike or pushing yourself to try something new when it comes to water sports. I am such a beach bum and adding activities that can be done in the water is not only fun, but refreshing at the same time.

On a nice day, nothing stops me from craving sand between my toes and throwing on a bikini. However, water sports and swimsuits may feel like somewhat of a summer “taboo” when it’s that time of the month. Not anymore, girls! With the comfort and protection that o.b.® tampons provide, I can safely say, nothing stands between me and a little “must-do” seaside fun.

I recently challenged myself to engage in the water sport trend known as stand-up paddleboarding (or SUP). It is such a good way to give your entire body a workout while also taking in the rays and enjoying some peaceful moments on the water.

I headed to Mother’s Beach in Marina 
del Rey and had so much fun trying out this new board sport! It’s the perfect spot to test out your balancing act and paddling abilities.

Thanks to my o.b.® tampons, I was able to focus on learning how to keep my balance while on the SUP board and to maximize my workout by keeping all my muscles engaged and going for as much speed as I could get. The currents and the wind kept me on high alert of drifting out too far. Luckily, I was able to focus on keeping on track and out of the currents rather than worrying about the swimsuit “taboo” time of the month.

I would try paddleboarding again in a second, it’s the best workout — I am hooked! 


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