Must-Do or Taboo? The ‘Less is More’ Wardrobe Philosophy


Even worse than showing up somewhere wearing the same outfit as someone else? Wearing the same outfit yourself — over and over and over again. It’s a no-brainer that there is a taboo of constantly wearing the same outfit. That is, until you master the art of creating innovative outfits with a combination of closet staples, statement pieces and basics, which are all repeat-friendly. In this “Must-do or Taboo?” challenge, I bust the myth that more is always better.


If you’re like me, you’ve got a closet brimming with clothes, but when it comes down to choosing an outfit, you feel like you’ve got nothing to wear. I thought I was crazy for thinking this, but it’s quite common amongst people that have just too much clothing with not enough wear time. I realized I had become somewhat of a pack rat, clinging onto every piece of apparel I got and attaching a sentimental reason why I should keep it, even when that sentiment didn’t really exist. For this challenge, I sold five pieces of clothing I THOUGHT I needed, but had only worn once (or never!) in the past year, and splurged on one staple piece. I couldn’t have been more pleased.


I purchased a white top, which is a halter with a high, classic neckline, tie straps and a snap closure at the back. I chose this piece because it has a timeless silhouette and is of great quality. Fast fashion items are inexpensive, but by not wearing them as much as staple pieces, due to either going out of style or poor quality, their cost per wear increases, making the value drop — so you’re not really saving money! I styled the white top four ways, transitioning it from a warm end-of-summer look to early fall. Each look is unique and appropriate for different occasions. Experimenting, layering and accessorizing are key!

So the “less is more” philosophy? Definitely a must-do.


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