Must-Do or Taboo? Baring It All at the Beach

amanda at the beach

The challenge? Feeling confident while baring it all at the beach, especially during that time of the month. The solution? It’s not easy, but it’s possible. You’re gonna have to get out of your comfort zone for this one.

I just got back from a weekend getaway with some friends in Montauk. Maybe it’s the fact that I just moved to a new city, but I felt old insecurities creeping up again. Whether it was questioning how pretty I am or how funny I am, I felt like I was back in high school trying to find that inner confidence. It made me realize how important confidence is and I started to wonder how I can find a way to bring that strength back in any situation.

First, feeling physically healthy is super important. Whether you have a stomachache, headache or you have your period, any little ailment can make a huge difference in how you feel about yourself. While some may say its taboo to go to the beach on your period, it’s totally doable. I just use tampons I can totally trust, so I don’t have to worry about anything. I like o.b. ® tampons for situations like this because the packaging is discreet enough to take to the beach and they work so well, you never have to worry.

So, going to the beach and feeling confident even when you have your period? It’s a must-do, people. You just need the right tools. Even if it’s not that time of the month and you’re just feeling dehydrated or tired from the heat, chug tons and tons of water before you head out to boost that energy. Take care of yourself and make sure you physically feel your best and then you can work on that confidence.

Next is focusing on your mental state and really finding that self-assurance within. This may sound cheesy, but the people that seem the most beautiful to me are those that are insanely comfortable with themselves. It seriously makes such a difference. But confidence is a hard thing to fake. Want to know my trick? If I’m ever feeling insecure, the first thing I do is think about what I like about myself — be it physical, emotional or intellectual traits — and let myself be proud of those things. Sometimes it can be hard to give myself a compliment as I’m always trying to stay humble, but we need to be our own cheerleaders and let ourselves take note of our positive attributes. If you know you’re an amazing person, others will feel that confidence and you’ll look beautiful no matter what — even in a bikini at the beach during your period.

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