10 Reasons Why Ali Michael Is the Funniest Model on Instagram

You may remember Ali Michael from 2008, when she was sent home from Paris Fashion Week for gaining five pounds and was brave enough to speak out about it. Now, six years later, she’s fronting campaigns for CK One and Urban Outfitters and has over 115,000 followers on Instagram.

Like most models, her Instagram feed is full of gorgeous selfies and backstage shots, but that’s not why we love her. Ali’s posts are goofy, droll, and a little weird — basically, she seems like the sort of gal we want to be besties with. For every glamour shot, there’s one of her cross-eyed eating a pickle, and for every magazine outtake, there’s a video lip-synching 80s jams in her bathroom. Take her response to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: While laying under a pile of frozen treats from her freezer, she deadpans, “Everyone should donate to the cause. Because it’s a good one. And not just dump ice on their heads. Also, I’m not depressed, this is just my voice.”

We’ve rounded up some of Ali’s funniest IG moments below. Be sure to follow her here!