10 Smart Space-Saving Solutions for Your Home


The “after” of a space-saving closet makeover done by Aly Finkelstein.

Most of us want a zen living space, but unfortunately life — and the countless stuff that comes with it — often gets in the way of keeping our homes neat, tidy and perfectly organized. Organized by Aly founder Aly Finkelstein has built her career around helping people declutter, revamping everything from garages and closets to kitchens and offices. For ideas on how we can quickly and easily get organized, we asked Aly Finkelstein to share with us her top 10 space-saving solutions.

  1. Use bed risers to boost under-the-bed storage. Then use clear boxes with pull out drawers instead of dealing with lids.
  2. Use tension rods under sink cabinets to hang cleaning supplies and spray bottles.
  3. Hang a flat plastic organizer on the back of the bathroom door and you’ve got the perfect storage solution for products and appliances that won’t fit inside your cabinets.
  4. Buy a chest that can double as storage and a coffee table.
  5. Clear shirt and sweater dividers add square footage to your closet and the ability to see all your clothes easily.
  6. Drawer inserts in both the kitchen and bathroom are essential for maximizing space and efficient organizing.
  7. Free up your kitchen counter, cabinets and drawers by using magnets, hooks and clips to hang items.
  8. Sort and label like items and store them in clear containers with lids to maximize accessibility.
  9. Space-saving hangers are a must for maximizing closet square footage.
  10. Declutter! The single best way to maximize space and stay organized is to get rid of things you don’t need.