5 Style Tips to Feel Confident and Motivated at Work


Getting dressed for work can easily do your head in. And, let’s be honest, at that time of the morning, you don’t have time to be stressing out about what’s going to impress your boss. Why not try keeping yourself happy, confident and motivated, for you, not for everyone in your office?

In the lead-up to her new upcoming book, Life & Love, serial entrepreneur and editor-in-chief of Renegade Collective magazine, Lisa Messenger, has shared her tips on boosting your confidence and personal brand through style at the office, with five easy-to-follow pointers below.

1. Be consistent

Never forget that you are your own brand, and your style, image and look should reflect that. “Your purpose in the world, your chosen mission and goals, should flow through every aspect of your life – whether it’s your appearance, your home or how you represent yourself on social media,” Lisa says. Don’t go turning up to work in a stained blouse right after you’ve told your boss you’re the queen of contingency plans. She won’t be buying what you’re selling.

 2. Don’t give in to expectations

Forget what you think you “should” look like. Don’t dress a certain way because you think society expects successful entrepreneurs, good mothers or loving partners to abide by certain rules. It’s your way or the highway, baby.

Trust us, you will never be confident at work if you’re not being yourself. “You’re a walking-talking billboard for your own life purpose, so what is yours saying?” Lisa asks. “If it isn’t aligned with the ‘why’ in your life then maybe it’s time to give yourself permission to dress for your own song.”

Photo: Renegade Collective

Photo: Renegade Collective


3. Never apologise

Make the choice to be yourself, in your business, your brand, your style, and every corner of life, and never, ever wind up saying sorry for that. Lisa explains that everything she says, writes and wears is “purposefully, unapologetically on brand,” even if that means wearing black leggings to an important speaking gig.

“I didn’t forget to pick up my suit from the dry cleaners. I’m wearing this because I’ve chosen to be me,” she explains. “I don’t use clothes to hide my true self. I use clothes to amplify my message. To yell, scream and add colour to the purpose that I’m already projecting. If I started wearing a suit people would get mixed messages.”

4. Don’t be afraid to overdress

That being said, there are times when you might want to step outside your comfort zone to project a different, more motivated, energy. “If you feel at your most productive, aware, reactive and vibrant when you’re dressed in a suit, or a ball gown for that matter, then
 go for it,” Lisa encourages.

5. Pay attention to finer details

Sometimes companies have dress codes and such, meaning your style at the office can be a little limited. It’s time to think outside the box. You mightn’t be able to express who you are and make a fashion statement head to toe, but, as Lisa suggests, “everyone can include a sneaky hint of their identity in their outfits.” Think accessories, like statement jewellery, an amazing tote, candy-hued nails or red lips.

So tomorrow, when you drag yourself out of bed, remember who you’re dressing for.

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