5 Pro Tips for At-Home Boudoir Photography

Boudoir shoot

Image: Courtesy of Jen Rozenbaum

If you feel that the flowers-chocolates-candles trifecta is played out for Valentine’s Day, why not explore the erotic potential of boudoir photography with your partner instead? Henry’s, Canada’s largest independent photography retailer, has partnered with Jen Rozenbaum of Jenerations, New York’s premier boudoir photography studio, to impart some dos and don’ts of DIY boudoir photography to help you create a meaningful and memorable experience. 

Do: Perfect Your Pose

Don’t be shy about practicing poses in front of the mirror before starting, Rozenbaum says. When it comes time to shoot, ask your partner to guide you and let you know what works and what doesn’t. Using a digital camera allows you to instantaneously see what looks good and delete what doesn’t.

Do: Dress Up

Rozenbaum recommends trying out two to five different outfits that highlight your different personality traits. And feel free to add small props to liven things up, like a feather boa or a wedding veil for added sentimentality. 

Do: Light Like a Pro

Choose a location that gets lots of natural light, which tends to be the most flattering. If you want to create your own lighting, invest in a Westcott Ice Light ($499.99), a battery-powered LED wand that casts a flattering soft glow. 

Do: Try a Selfie

If you want to surprise your partner with a sexy selfie, try the Fotopro Bluetooth Selfie Stick ($49.99) to snap yourself in a variety of poses using your smartphone. 

Don’t: Get Complicated

The most natural and flattering shots tend to be the ones where the subject isn’t vying for attention amid a chaotic setting or against a busy background. Rozenbaum recommends shooting against a white, gray or black wall, or getting the Cameron Backdrop Support System ($149.99), a lightweight, collapsible and easy to carry neutral backdrop. If you choose to shoot in bed, opt for white sheets and a white duvet to help the subject stand out.