Interview: 15-Year-Old Inka Williams on Juggling Modelling, School and Instagram

Photo courtesy of Supré

Photo courtesy of Supré

Inka Williams has modelled for the likes of Spell Designs, O’Neill, Volcom, Rip Curl and is part of the Supré Girl Gang all at the ripe age of 15, and, with school, an ever-growing Instagram following and a life abroad in Bali, we’re not quite sure how she keeps on top of it all. We caught up with the little superstar at the launch of Supré’s gUrl magazine to find out how she juggles her roles so well.

Modelling since she was only six-months-old, Inka admits that it can be difficult to manage the career now that she’s going to school as well. “When I travel it’s really hard to fit everything in and study,” Inka explains. “I’m getting through it I guess.”

Inka also fits an Instagram life into her demanding schedule, with over 394,000 fans following her every post. “It just happened so fast,” Inka explains of her ever-growing list of double-tappers. “It’s crazy. I’m really lucky to have all my fans,” she says modestly. 





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Even with all the attention and pressure, Inka manages to stay grounded through the support of her friends and family and by living life like a normal teenager. “I hang out with my friends, go shopping on the weekends, and sometimes I go to waterfalls or the beach,” she explains of an average day living in her home of Bali.

Inka reveals to us that she’d like to kick off a career in acting soon, pointing it out as one of her “goals” alongside landing a shoot with a major brand. “I really want to get more into it, take lessons and start auditioning for more things,” she says. 

But, before that happens, Inka has some other big projects in the works.”I’ve had a few exciting brands contacting me, but I cant really talk about it yet,” she explains.

We’re sure it will be nothing short of amazing. Mark our words — this girl is going to be huge! Watch this space.