Izi Simundic Talks ANTM Madness and Life After the Show

Photo courtesy of FOX8

Photo courtesy of FOX8

We were all very sad to see Izi Simundic leave Australia’s Next Top Model, but, after catching up with the dimple-faced beauty, we know the show wasn’t the last we’ll see of her in the modelling world.

“I’ve definitely always thought about modelling, but I never thought that I personally could be a model,” she tells theFashionSpot, noting that it was her boyfriend who encouraged her to audition for the show. “It was such a whirlwind because I did not think for a second that I was going to end up there.”

Izi was the oldest contestant on the show at 21, competing against girls who were as young as 16. “I know in the modelling world it is more attractive to be younger. I felt like that could have been a disadvantage for me,” she explains. “I still feel like if I was 16 then maybe that [the show] would’ve been a better opportunity.”

Regardless of her age, which is not by any means old, Izi still has her sights set on modelling and even has some upcoming projects in the works. “I definitely hope that it could be a career,” she tells us.

“I know that not everyone can make it, so there’s fingers crossed that I can hopefully get work and that it can be something sustainable,” she continued. “I’m putting all my effort into it so hopefully something comes from it.”

Our fingers are crossed with her, because we definitely want to see more of this natural stunner. Besides, who could say no to that face?