London’s 8 Slickest Hotels to Stay at This Summer

As one of the world’s most metropolitan and culturally-rich cities, London’s hotel scene is on point. But navigating your way through the minefield and deciding which one to actually stay at can be a real challenge. There’s nothing worse than rocking up to a city, checking in to your room and being instantly disappointed by the uninspiring decor, lack of a glorious rainfall shower and underwhelming budget facilities. A good hotel should wow you. As much as you want to get out there and explore, it should be a struggle to leave your hotel room. We hear you, we feel you, which is why we bring you a guide to the London hotels that won’t disappoint. From boutique boltholes to lively hangouts and those with Pinterest-worthy rooms, click through the gallery above to see our edit of the slickest hotels in London — all very worthy of your 40 winks.