10 Celebrity ‘Babies’ (Human and Animal) That Have More Instagram Followers than You

In the celeb world, there is no such thing as too much self-promotion on social media. That means anything a celeb does — eat a cookie, take a nap, breathe and walk at the same time — is an opportunity to boost their visibility in the media. A favorite tactic of the celeb set seems to be using their spawn (both human and animal) to set up Instagram accounts. It’s a move to keep their fans happy and to supply the celeb gossip cycle with enough fodder to get people’s minds off trivial matters like the ongoing conflict in the Middle East or whatever.

The Instagram account of Gigi Hadid’s new cat Cleo has been cropping up like crazy lately and unlike some of us who are still out here trying to up our Instagram followers with hashtag sorcery, @therealcleohadid already has over 15,000 followers. And Gigi isn’t the only celeb to use her spawn as an avenue of promotion. Click through the gallery below for a few others who set up Instagrams for their pets and small children.