Brittany Vs. Lucy: Who Should Be Australia’s Next Top Model?


Lucy MArkovic and Brittany Beattie grand final

Photo courtesy of FOX 8

After weeks of delicious freakouts, tantrums and tears, we’re down to just two contestants left on Australia’s Next Top Model for Cycle 9. Brittany Beattie and Lucy Markovic will go head-to-head in order to take out the prestigious title, which has been won by the likes of Amanda Ware and Montana Cox in the past.

Both girls are incredibly different. Brittany is fierce, noted bogan who’s always memorable, while Lucy is girl-next-door material, well-spoken and personable. If they do have one thing in common, it’s that they can walk a runway and smash out a photo shoot given the opportunity.

With only one week to go until we find out who the winner will be, we’re looking back at the girls weekly photo shoots to see who should win Australia’s Next Top Model, and go on to represent Australia for brands and Fashion Weeks internationally.