Alex Sinadinovic’s 10 Most Memorable Moments on Australia’s Next Top Model


Photo: FOX 8

Photo: FOX 8

It’s without doubt that Alex Sinadinovic was the most entertaining contestant on Australia’s Next Top Model. Whether it was her insane drive to win which could sometimes come across as egotistic, how “heavy” she thought everything was, or her ability to literally scare the girls with her outlandish practice poses, this girl definitely made the entire series worth watching.

Above all, she was, and will continue to be, a freakin’ good model. She didn’t let the fact that Alex Perry thought she a shorty get to her, and continued to prove him wrong week by week with fierce pictures that made us question whether models really do need to be tall after all. For that, we’ll always love her. 

We’ll miss you Alex. Keep doing your thang. Check out her most memorable moments in our gallery below.