Watch: KLP Explains What It’s Really Like to Be In a 90s Pop Group

KLP Kristy Lee Peters Real Blondes

Photos: Ashley Mar for theFashionSpot/YouTube

Unbeknownst to some, DJ, singer, producer and triple j’s House Party hostKristy Lee Peters, more fondly known by her musical moniker KLP, kicked off her career in music with a serious stint in 90s girl band Real Blondes. Amazing, right?

We mean, with the girl band concept close to dead these days, not many girls, particularly in Australia, can say they got to be part of something so fabulous, and KLP is all about embracing her musical past.

Discovering an old video of the pop trio online for 1999 single “We B Cool”, complete with blowup chairs, probably from GO-LO or The Reject Shop, lava lamps, pillow fights and cornrow-inspired hair twists, we had to talk about the girl-group heyday with the woman who experienced it firsthand, alongside bandmates Kelly Webb and Rachelle Medley.

“I peaked at a really young age,” she laughs. “I’ve always wanted to be performer, literally from as young as I can remember,” she continues, noting that she auditioned for the pop group at age 13 and got it.

“We signed to Sony, toured around,” she explains. “First of all I was like, ‘Yes, I don’t have to go to school!’ and I just got to travel around and perform, meet people like Gwen Stefani, who at the time who I was obsessed with. It was like living out a teenage dream.”

Talking about her epic sense of style back then, she says, “I look back on the fashion now and go, ‘Oh my god,’ but at the same time you’ve got to embrace that kind of stuff because, you know, I thought I was really cool at the time,” she laughs.

If anything, KLP’s time in the pop world is only a testament to how multidimensional she is in the music industry. “That’s just another side of everything that I do and I’m sure there’ll be other embarrassing things that come up, but, you know, you’ve got to embrace it. And, you know, I was so young. It’s so cool to have on my resume,” she explains.

Plus, the 90s-pop flavour has worked its way onto some of her new tracks, which she debuted on her latest Australia-wide tour with Goldfields.

We suppose you can never really “let go” of your past, now, can you?

Watch our full interview with KLP here.