17 Times ‘Priscilla, Queen of the Desert’ Summed Up Your Tragic Night out

Drag Queen Priscilla

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert movie still


 Cult film Priscilla, Queen of the Desert  is not only a well-loved Australian classic, but a worldwide phenomenon which remains a staple of popular culture. 

It’s been 21 years since the film’s release, and what better way to celebrate than a night out with the girls? The movie’s characters truly capture the magic of a tragic night with their relatable gawdy-goodness, and we just can’t get enough.

Scroll through below to see the 17 times this film seamlessly reflected a nasty yet fabulous Saturday night.

1. When your friends persuade you to leave your cat and join them for a night out. You reluctantly agree, obvi.

When you are pursuaded to go out

2. When deciding what to wear results in an 80s-movie montage, complete with the unitentional disapproval of your friends, who really should just say nothing at all.

Getting advice from friends when choosing an outfit

3. When you realise that due to horrible weather you have no option but to embrace your inner-Nicole Kidman natural look.

when humidity is not your friend

4. When you’re teetering around after a couple of pre-drinks and realise you have no game plan.

When no one volunteers to order the Uber

5. When there aren’t any Ubers available in your area, and, against your better judgement, you turn to public transport.

You can't get an uber so you decide to take public transport

6. When you finally arrive at your destination practically sober, a full 45 minutes and 19 stops later. Now get in the line.

When you finally arrive at the club

7. When you successfully make it past the bouncers only to realise that the cocktail menu is limited at best.

when the drinks menu is uninspiring

8. When you sashay your way onto the dance floor, where your flailing limbs are bound to draw some unflattering comparisons.

That one drunk person with all the pick up lines

9. When the token sleazy, older guy saddles up to your group and asks if anyone is single.

When you're trying to get rid of the annoying guy hitting on you

10. When you find your blackout-drunk friend who went missing on the dance floor well over 30 minutes ago.

when you lose your friends in the club but reunite

11. When your sassy friend mouths off at random strangers, leaving you red-faced and apologetic as you shuffle them away.

When you're trying to be the diplomatic one in your group

12. When you’re tired, your feet hurt and you’re bloated, and it feels as if all your evenings have started to blend into one.

After a few drinks it all comes back to

13. When you seize the opportunity to make a dash for the exit, only to be foiled by your friend’s suggestion of a final round of tequila shots. Cause why not?

when you devise a plan to get some random hotties attention

14. When you realise there’s no reasoning with drunk friends. One, two, three, gulp.

when you decline the one for the road

15. When you all agree to leave the club and head home, but, first, you swing past the 7-Eleven. Because, Krispy Kremes.

When you stumble into 7-11 on your way home

16. When you finally get home after some awkward small talk and a $50 taxi ride, only to have that moment in the bathroom questioning your life choices as you wash off what’s left of your makeup.

When you have that moment in the bathroom mirror

17. When you wake up the next morning pretty confident you’re still a bit drunk. Trust, there will always be a friend who will hold you accountable.

That one friend who is always first to leave


Photos: Priscilla, Queen of the Desert film stills