15 London Foodies to Follow on Instagram Now

As much as we may joke about people who photograph everything before they eat it, it’s fair to say that some are better than others at it. Foodstagrammers, as they’re collectively known, can make a bacon sandwich look like a work of art, leaving us not just hungry, but inspired. They share the same steady hand, natural eye for composition and knowledge of what filter, contrast and exposure levels to use. And unlike us, who get a blurry shot of a half-eaten burger we took a bite out of before remembering it had Instagram potential, these guys have got the enviable restraint to set up the shot perfectly before indulging.

Like any other city, London is full of food-fuelled Instagram accounts with owners who can have a field day in a city bursting with new and exciting eateries. They capture the perfect dinner table shot, instigate a week’s worth of cravings with a simple snap and put restaurants on their followers’ bucket lists. Click through the gallery to see our favourites and try not to drool.