10 Ways With Cauliflower: 2016’s Hottest Food

All hail 2016’s new buzz veggie: cauliflower! OK, it may not be the official vegetable of the year just yet, but it’s definitely on the uptick with praise for good old cauliflower coming in from far and wide. What was once considered the bland, boring veggie on the side has grown crazy versatile — we’re making cauliflower pizzas, cauliflower burgers, cauliflower rice, you name it. Whether you roast it, rice it or saute it, it’s a great way to get in your five-a-day while being a low-carb alternative to the likes of the potato, rice or dough. So even if you’re being naughty (cauliflower grilled cheese sandwich anyone?), you’re not being that naughty…

Not convinced? Click through the gallery for plenty of creative cauliflower recipes that are sure to make you hungry.