7 Amazing Reasons to Travel Solo

Solo travel isn’t just for members of the lonely hearts club or Into the Wild-style recluses anymore. A 2015 study showed a jump in the number of travelers choosing to fly solo each year and another 2014 survey found that the majority are American women. If you still need convincing, 59 percent of those women wanderlusters loved their traveling alone so much, they said they’re planning another adventure by themselves in the next year.

Whether your ideal vacation is an escape from the daily grind on a deserted beach or a journey of self-discovery on the hippie trail, traveling alone is something everyone should try at least once. So maybe bae can’t take time off work, your schedule doesn’t line up with your family’s or you and your BFF just can’t agree on a dream destination. Don’t let that keep you from exploring the world because there are so many reasons to travel solo.