14 Celebrity Quotes That Will Make You Love Your Body (Even More)

Summer can be an array of mixed emotions. You’re positively ecstatic about the warm weather, beach days and frequent outdoor brunch outings with your girlfriends (hello, poolside mimosas). But if you’re like a lot of women, you probably have a dreary outlook on the otherwise sunny season. Why? Because it’s also bikini season.

While we wish our society showed a lot more love for bodies of all shapes and sizes, the fact of the matter is women struggle to love themselves every day simply because they’re told they’re not good enough by the media, peers and everything in between. And that’s a damn shame considering there are so many beautiful and different body shapes out there. So instead of pledging to “lose weight,” “slim up” and put our bodies through self-hating hell, we pledge to love our bodies this summer, saying screw you to all the haters who try to tell us our “flaws” are something to hide. 

So skip the cover-ups ladies, here are 14 iconic women who prove that loving yourself via body positivity is the sexiest quality you can have (especially in a bikini).

Images: Getty