The 12 Biggest Wedding Trends for 2017, According to Event Planners

Planning a wedding is hard work. You want your aesthetic to be timeless and elegant, you want each and every one of your guests to have fun, you want to know that, 30 or 40 years from now, you won’t look back on your photos and curse the designer who invented bubble sleeves (how are they back?).

Ultimately, you want your big day to be a reflection of you and your partner as a couple. Trends will come and go, Pinterest boards will lure you into their bottomless depths, but in the end, you really must ask yourself, “Is our everyday aesthetic rustic-chic?” and “Is the wit of this hashtag eternal or does it have the shelf life of a lyrics-heavy yearbook quote?”

That said, 2016 saw many happy evolutions in the art of marriage. In order to identify which of these burgeoning trends have staying power (spoiler alert: it’s usually those that err toward simplicity and authenticity), we consulted some of our favorite wedding planners. For some background, Jove Meyer, founder of Jove Meyer Events, is an in-demand Brooklyn-based wedding planner, designer and host of the podcast Weddings-ish with Jove. (Followers of blogger Nicolette Mason will recognize his work.) Seri Kertzner, Michelle Bachman and Abby Copleston, the trifecta behind the renowned Little Miss Party Planner, specialize in styling big events for small spaces. Click through the slideshow above for their expert takes on the top wedding trends of 2017.