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Bottega Veneta Resort 2011

It seems fitting that the words Bottega Veneta creative director Tomas Maier used to describe his Resort 2011 collection were "architectural," "graphic," and "clean lines", since they perfectly encapsulate the German designer’s work at the Italian fashion house.

For brands like Fendi, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and Bottega Veneta that are better known for their handbags and accessories than they are for their apparel, it’s no easy feat to make a statement with their fashion collections.

By staying true to the pulled-together, refined aesthetic that Bottega Veneta has long been known for, and highlighting artisanal craftsmanship Maier has been able to elevate Bottega Veneta fashion in new and exciting ways. I was able to see this firsthand at a recent showroom visit – the many layers that go into creating these outwardly simple-looking garments is truly remarkable.

Maier’s quirky touches – like Beetle-inspired looks for Fall 2010 – were once again present for Resort 2011, where the designer mixed slouchy suits and slinky trousers with more structured, angular tops and dresses, a band top, a leather skirt, and banded dresses.

Graphic touches were particularly evident in the color-blocked looks that provided pops of color amidst the mostly monochromatic black, tan, and white collection.

The collection featured a nice mix of dressy cocktail dresses, many of which were belted at the waist, casual day wear with crisp white blouses, wetsuit-inspired tops with undulating color blocking, and in a nod to the return of the one-piece, some sexy swimsuits. No matter the silhouette, however, there was an ease to the collection that made it suitable for resort.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.