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Alexander Wang Resort 2011

Take the Alexander Wang girl you know and love and imagine what she would wear if she lived anywhere besides the concrete jungle.


Wang said he wanted to explore unknown territories in his latest collection, and from the looks of it we might as well go ahead and call him fashion’s Christopher Columbus.

An organic and natural quality strongly resonates in his resort collection’s nubby homespun sweaters, mesh knit tube tops and dresses, and slouchy fit pants – all in spectrums of earth-inspired neutrals like white, cream, and sandy beige.

These simple yet artful essentials seem more suited for a day by the lake in the countryside rather than at the city’s late night hotspots.

Wang set his sights outside of the city for inspiration for his latest resort collection. Unlike his signature explosion of dark and edgy looks that elevated him to superstar status just a few years ago, the prince of downtown street chic did a 360 degree turn and embraced everything easy, breezy, and unfussy about fashion’s beloved “in-between” season.

Wang has etched himself to be the voice of tough, sexy, and cool dressing, but it’s no lie that the act of living in hip-hugging leather pants all year round is close to becoming passé. Understanding the much needed break from a head-to-toe trendy club kid look, he dived right into a new interpretation of fashion’s softer, lighter, and minimalist side.

But don’t think that all is lost when it comes to Wang’s established too-cool-for-school design aesthetic. Balancing out his collection’s softer side are black leather shorts and jackets, asymmetrical hems, a zip front skirt, Matrix-approved shades, and the reemergence of a studded clutch purse that is sure to once again rev DIY-bloggers into motion worldwide. With this collection, Wang expresses a refreshing side of himself that has never fully surfaced before, but once again shows that he is and always will be a true city boy at heart. It looks like Wang wins again with this one.