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YSL Exhibition at Le Petit Palais, Paris

Pierre Berge said that he wanted this exhibition to "enable everyone to discover or become better acquainted with the work of Yves Saint Laurent.”
If there was anyone unfamiliar with YSL in the semi-outrageous queue outside Le Petit Palais, they certainly got to know both the designer and his work on an intimate level once inside.
The exhibition is a grand celebration of all things YSL, and despite opening in March of this year, it still had a 2.5-hour line up just this past week.
Well curated and expertly arranged, the exhibition features hundreds of garments spanning four decades of the designer’s career.
Rumors and revelations surrounding the designer’s hot temper and mood swings may have influenced the buzz around the exhibition when it first opened, but now that hype has died down, leaving his raw talent and life’s work up for critique.
While the space itself is slightly overwhelming, the 15 rooms hold some of the designers most revered and iconic works including raw wool Piet Mondrian tribute dress and 40 looks from ‘Le Smoking.’
Because of the sheer volume of garments shown, it is difficult to absorb the entire exhibit while trying to navigate around the throngs of viewers.  What makes the trip both informative and worthwhile are the superfluities.
Films, photos, and furniture from the designer’s Paris studio, and a detailed audio guide make this show one of the most successful of the recent fashion exhibitions.
This is definitely worth a look if you are anywhere near Paris before August 29th.