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Dana Lorenz, Jewelry Designer: A tFS Exclusive Interview

Recently, I attended an event that jewelry designer Dana Lorenz hosted in her new Manhattan boutique.

The stylish designer behind Fenton/Fallon was on hand to help 20-something online writers and editors make their own piece of jewelry – not as easy as it sounds!

Spending over an hour working with pliers trying to attach charms to a chain has given me a newfound respect for the art of jewelry making, and when it comes to this very field, few designers are hotter than Dana Lorenz.

A favorite of celebrities ranging from Kristen Stewart to First Lady Michelle Obama, Lorenz’s pieces are original, bold, eye-catching, and most importantly, always to-die-for chic.

tFS spoke to Lorenz about her up-coming foray into a men’s jewelry collection, her favorite materials to work with, how her collaboration with J.Crew came about, and more…

The Fashion Spot: Do you have a particular person in mind when you’re designing?

Dana Lorenz: I  just think about what someone would want to wear to feel really extraordinary and unique, yet totally at ease.

tFS: Favorite material to work with?

DL: I actually love brass, it mellows out so nicely, it’s inexpensive but weighty, and feels substantial to hold.

tFS: How did the collaboration with J. Crew come about?

DL: I met Jenna Lyons at a dinner at Maria Cornejo’s home – we talked and talked, and by the end of the night, a collaboration was born.

tFS: Can you give us any details on your up-coming men’s collection?

DL: Men’s jewelry can seem very one-note.  Skulls, guns, anchors – I wanted none of it.  It will be young and masculine, yet romantic. It will be lighthearted but also strong.  It’s the modern version of what you’d find on your grandfather’s bureau – a graphic nostalgia.


tFS:  What attracted you to your Freeman Alley location?

I happened upon it while looking for office space.  I couldn’t pass it up, so we stuck the office in the back of the store as to not lose the retail space.  We are just now separating and moving the design studio into a large space uptown.

tFS: How do you go about selecting the shoes and clothing that are also sold at your boutique?

DL: I collect vintage, so I curate the racks based on the current season of jewelry.   The shoes are by Ruthie Davis. Patti WIlson always styles my jewelry and her shoes for Italian Vogue shoots, and they go so well in the space!

tFS: Is there any celebrity that has worn one of your pieces that got you particularly excited? Anyone who hasn’t yet worn one of your pieces that you wish would?

DL: I really don’t think about designing for celebrities.  When I see pieces worn by certain celebs, I do feel flattered.  

I mean, celebs are thrown so much free merchandise and I just don’t give away the farm, so to speak. I am thrilled that the First Lady chooses to buy and wear my pieces.  There’s just nothing like being a part of history!

tFS: What do you think every woman should have in her closet when it comes to jewelry?

DL: Strands of pearls in varying lengths, biker chains in various metals and at least one amazing "art piece" of a statement necklace.

tFS: Most treasured piece in your closet?

DL: My ostrich Balenciaga tote. It’s not at all like the motorcycle bag, so no one ever knows what it is, but everyone asks.

tFS: A luxury item on your wish list?

DL: A chocolate brown croc Birkin. Yeah, right.