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Siki Im S/S 2011

For his Spring/Summer 2011, Siki Im looks to feelings of isolation and detachment juxtaposed against an urban terrain where integration into mainstream culture causes friction and the possibility of new realities and identities. Many of the deconstructed pieces in this collection are reassembled as innovative, fashion-forward reflections on the young male’s quest for individuality while maintaining his group identity. Aggressive street swagger has been replaced by a relaxed confidence, reflected in a style that allows different silhouettes and proportions.

While there are the usual wardrobe staples we have come to expect in any men’s collection, these staples have been modernized by incorporating asymmetrical cuts and fabric choices not usually used in men’s clothing. Siki Im’s trenchcoat is not just another trenchcoat, but a newly conceptualized garment made of organza with detachable sleeves. A backward cap with long flaps reflects a North African influence and elevates urban style from a provincial expression of urban swagger to an expanded international penchant for style and panache.

Siki Im continues the trend of yogi/harem pants and leggings, and artfully marries these Eastern influences with deconstructed, asymmetrical coats and jackets. Though this collection has force and edge, it is for the urban man that has gracefully relaxed into his masculinity, and no longer feels the need to have his wardrobe reflect bravado and aggression.