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Andrew Buckler S/S 2011

Andrew Buckler looked to the 1924 Olympics and the Bauhaus design aesthetic for inspiration for this collection.

The Bauhaus art movement was known for clean, simple lines expressed in architecture and design, and Buckler has adopted this aesthetic by creating garments that show simple variations on staple items that most men have in their wardrobes.

This collection is for the male consumer that wants express his sense style simply without a lot of fuss and muss.

There are some great pieces in this collection, particularly, the cuffed knee shorts and modernized trenchcoats; however, some of these looks have been seen before.

It is not clear that Buckler’s client base, who are more attracted to his finely made Italian suits, will stand up and take notice of this collection.

Like many menswear designers this season, Buckler continues the trend of yogi, baggy pants.

That said, the faux pompadours and parade of models to Pomp and Circumstance and other optimistic, inspirational songs did make for an interesting rallying call for all things simple and well constructed.