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Twenty8Twelve S/S 2011: London Fashion Week

It is hardly debatable that Sienna and Savannah Miller’s label, Twenty8Twelve, has benefited from the former sister’s celebrity status. Case in point: Jude Law’s show of support caused quite a stir, and I would go so far as to say that his stardom outshone the collection.

 Twenty8Twelve is always casual and girly, with a hint of country. This season, the sisters took inspiration from Joni Mitchell’s album, Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter, and took that muse on a road trip.

Flouncy skirts, day dresses, and easy separates made up the majority of the collection. As usual, the actual clothes were slightly underwhelming. Being saleable is key, especially for a contemporary label, and that is what Twenty8Twelve is.
This is perfect off-the-rack clothing for a slightly more fashionable girl. The Miller sisters pride themselves on being able to design a number of different styles, but that is not quite enough to warrant a full-scale runway show.
This show didn’t show the clothes at their best, especially considering it was at London Fashion Week, where eccentricity reigns supreme.  A low-key presentation would have fared better.  These are pieces that look best when they are being casually worn, not paraded on a stage.