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VPL S/S 2011

There’s no denying that VPL designer Victoria Bartlett knows what’s up. So much so, that her latest theme was the concept of suspension. Offering an array of ultra-modern pieces, Bartlett exposed varied oscillations of suspension.

In its most literal iteration, suspension came as a two-piece dress connected together by loose tug ’n’ pull suspenders. Another look featured a cuffed overall with pendulum-like cords used for height adjustment. Bandeau tops were built to reveal stilts beneath, trapeze dresses swung together as one piece, and tights were held together by cerneous seams.
One look drew upon suspension in a different way by comparing the utilitarian aspects of rock climbing; a two-piece bathing suit came affixed with none other than three tiny tool slots. The lightest interpretation of suspension appeared in the form of slightly sheer cocktail dresses with sole straps around the neck.

Bartlett made clear her love for underwear-as-outerwear in the past, and continued with the ethos for Spring 2011. Several looks played on the aesthetic with skin tone transparencies, peek-a-boo reveals, visible overlaps, and diaphanous materials. The palette was comfortable and cool; it began with slates and developed into lighter grays. Bartlett also toyed with rust and nude colors. 

Altogether, VPL’s latest run was a good one, even if it was a tad sprawling (49 looks in total). Having sustained itself season after season, the line has a peerless position in the industry.

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