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Georges Chakra S/S 2011

If one thing is to be said of Georges Chakra’s Spring/Summer line, it’s that this collection definitely emphasizes a woman’s feminine curves.

But, we’ve come to expect that from the designer.  With an unprecedented understanding of what looks good on the female physique, Georges Chakra not only expresses the sexiness that every woman wants to obtain, he also demonstrates an incredible skill for balancing color.

Chakra masterfully put together a cohesive, eye-catching show featuring eye-popping, jewel-encrusted cocktail masterpieces and diaphanous, wind-swept gowns.

Although Chakra used a wide color palette for this collection, there were some consistent themes. Satin straps accentuated the feminine form and appeared in a variety of configurations – sometimes parallel, other times crisscrossed or latticed.

As structured as some of the latticed bodices appeared, most of these looks exhibited comfort and ease of movement.

There were some wonderful pieces that had unexpected color graduations. One would not expect deep purple to meld into vibrant yellow, yet Chakra pulled these color combinations off effortlessly. Some of his metallic lamé dresses looked and moved like liquid gold, copper, or steel.

If you are looking for glamour, sophistication, and alluring sexiness, Georges Chakra gets the job done.