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Rick Owens S/S 2011: Paris Fashion Week

In the realm of gothic goodness, Rick Owens is God. Yet, one might not know it from viewing his latest outing.

Within the walls of Paris’ Palais de Tokyo museum, Mr. Owens presented his most subtle collection to date. Known for his distressed aesthetic of large-lapelled leather jackets and rock star man-heels, Owens flipped the script for spring – concentrating on haute couture construction and cleaner-than-clean lines, to much triumph.

While others capitalize upon the hard-edged territory that is Rick Owens, the designer himself abandoned the dark side altogether for a valiant leap into the heavens.  Stunning linear creations looked as though they were seamless, coming together piece-by-piece to make a perfect whole.

Dusty pearl-leather jackets blended without obstruction into flowing silk. Sculptural flared necks slimmed without interruption into floor-sweeping evening gowns. Princess Leia appeared to be the season’s demi-muse, displayed in many garments’ goddess-like silhouettes.  

The Jedi theme even carried over into the hair styles, which were slicked into bone-barrette crowns shaped as alien antennae. 

Perhaps Owens’ most successful fete was in the minimal amount of manipulation he used for his silks (the true basis of the collection).  

Plenty of dresses appeared in empire shapes, seemingly untouched by the human hand.

From voluminous to sylphlike, Owens took charge of his fabrics – silken canvas, leathers, and cotton – without a second thought of adornment, while still fashioning forms that modern women will covet.


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