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Bill Cunningham Identifies the Look of This Era; Andre Leon Talley’s Cold Weather Fashion Intervention

Bill CunninghamTaking a strong stance in yesterday’s New York Times, Bill Cunningham identified the "the defining look of this era" as ankle boots and a "long stretch of leg," a look that’s ushered in a distinct woman’s posture: standing with legs crossed in front, "like a model or a dancer en pointe." Fans of Cunningham’s delightful insights and iconic blue jacket can look forward to the upcoming documentary dedicated to the master street style photographer, slated to hit US theaters in March. [NYTimes]

With fashion week just around the corner, Curbed takes a stroll down the residential runway. Why envy models only for their beauty, wealth, and fame when you can also envy them for their homes? [Curbed]

If you’re in New York today, dressing well might be taking a backseat to dressing warmly. It’s dangerously cold outside, and the forecasts promise that the winter isn’t going to get better anytime soon. Luckily for you, Andre Leon Talley, Isaac Mizrahi, and Betsey Johnson have some advice for braving the weather without going into fashion hibernation. [The Cut]

Another way to get a little warmer is to look towards Spring: Rachel Zoe picks 5 budget-friendly pairs of shoes for the upcoming season. [Styleist]