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Project Ethos Fall 2011 Runway Review

Project Ethos

Project Ethos brands itself as “the incubator for emerging artists in fashion, music and art.” For Fall 2011, they were back merging the three forms of creative expression at the Avalon in Hollywood in a show titled Carpe Diem. Indie rock band Robotanists performed live, creative installations by seven new artist, runway presentations from a variety of designers, and a set from Australian DJ Duo Yolanda be Cool were all on deck for the ticketed late night event.

Though Frederick’s of Hollywood was the most recognizable brand in the fashion lineup, the label was joined by some noteworthy newcomers.

Here are 10 of the night’s most memorable looks.

1.     Age of Aquarius

2.     Age of Aquarius

3.     Dominique Ansari

4.     Reneta J

5.     Reneta J

6.     Cardiwrap by Kymaro

7.     Cardiwrap by Kymaro

8.     Cardiwrap by Kymaro

9.     Melissa Velia

10.   Ermelinda Manos