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Kristen Stewart and Leighton Meester in Balmain; Terry Richardson Shoots Jessica Stam for Mercedes Benz

Kristen Stewart

Last night at the MTV Movie Awards, two young starlets took to the red carpet in Balmain. Kristen Stewart showed up in a red tube mini-dress covered with safety pins while Leighton Meester was covered up on top in an all-silver sequin mosaic dress. Because Blaire Waldorf is the single best character on Gossip Girl and Blake Lively is getting to be more than a little overexposed (let's not even talk about her tragic decision to play the love interest in Green Lantern), I'm always partial to GG second-fiddle Meester, and I've gotta say that on last night's red carpet, her Balmain was better. Even though I'm not wild about the boxy shoulders, KStew's severe red dress and punk rock-reference safety pins seem a little crude in light of the Twilight star's perpetual public temper tantrums: she comes off as an angsty adolescent poseur. Take a look at the starlets side-by-side below and let me know who you prefer in the comments! [FabSugar UK]

Kristen Stewart Leighton Meester Balmain


What it takes to win the heart of Jessica Stam

Fashion has gotten quite cozy with mainstream brands: Karl Lagerfeld has had a field day working with Coca-Cola and shooting commercials for Magnum Ice Cream, and now Terry Richardson is taking a stab at diversifying his roster of clients. The notoriously skeevy fashion photographer directed Jessica Stam for Mercedes-Benz's latest commercial. The clip (below) is a fun frothy take on the sex appeal of cars, featuring Jessica Stam, wrapped up in a bandage dress, on a mad dash towards her Mercedes. Decked out in stilettos, she slips and slides as she scurries along, until she finally finds herself in front of the hatchback of her dreams; she falls against it in a desperate embrace. In a terrifying and awesome way, this is the most gripping love story I've seen since The Notebook. [Racked]