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Want to Work for Kate Middleton?; Sofia Coppola Helped Design Louis Vuitton Resort

The Royal Couple needs help

Kate MiddletonThe Royal Couple is hiring and I bet plenty of rabid anglomaniacs will be clamoring for a chance to ingratiate themselves with Princess Katherine and Prince William. If you're interested in a position, you should probably stop reading and get yourself a real job, because this isn't exactly a high-powered, glam role. Even though the position is described as "housekeeper/dresser", you'll get about as much input into Kate's styling choices as an ironing board. Instead, you'll be sorting her laundry, going grocery shopping, maybe dusting: sure you'd be the top (and only) servant to the most popular Royal Couple in the whole universe, but you'd also be a servant. And the swarms of paparazzi trailing you from place to place trying to sniff out sordid domestic disputes on the basis of your drugstore purchases? The invasive attention to your personal life and background? The fabricated tabloid stories purporting that you're having an affair with your male employer, Mr. Prince? Probably really, really not worth it. But then again, I not only wouldn't want to be a servant to a princess, I also wouldn't want to be the princess herself. So no need to listen to me, just follow your dreams! [Styleite]

Stay cool like Alexa Chung

Since I spent all winter complaining about the cold and then all spring complaining about the rain, I've managed to restrain myself from doing too much complaining now that it's sunny out. When people ask how I'm doing, I bounce a little on the back of my heels, shine a smile, and wave an arm: "Wonderful, it's beautiful out!" They chuckle for a second, and then give me a long look, narrowing their eyes: "It's…really hot outside." Well, they are right, it's scorching. Today, the weather's up to 96 degrees, and even though I'm cool as a cucumber as long as I have access to ice, water, and a fan, some people might not be handling the weather as well as me. If that's the case, you have a double-doozy to deal with: 1) You're really, really hot. 2) You have to find something cute, not-stifling to wear outside. If that's the case, FashionGrail took a cue from Alexa Chung's summer shorts style, and pulled together an easy, well-ventilated look that'll keep you from burning up needlessly. [FashionGrail]

Sofia Coppola gets design-y for Louis Vuitton resort

It looks like Little Miss Muse Sofia Coppola is getting behind the easel or, errr, sewing machine. In today's WWD, Marc Jacobs came clean about his longtime muse's role in the Louis Vuitton resort collection: the filmmaker and gal-about-town got very familiar with LV's studio design director, Julie de Libran. What started as a series of casual conversations got formal, as Sofia Coppola got comfortable suggesting pieces for the line. The final product was an effort between de Libran and Coppola, with Jacobs providing some color commentary but largely taking a back seat to the two women's vision. And for those of you that bristle when you hear about a celeb getting into the design game, feel free to breathe a sigh of relief: in her interview with the fashion trade publication, Coppola made it clear that she had no intention of creating her own line. [WWD]