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Hot off the trail of her second showing at Paris Fashion Week, Limi is someone to acquaint yourself with if you haven’t already had the pleasure. This exciting designer, who happens to be the daughter of the legendary Yohji Yamamoto, shows that while the apple may not fall far from the tree, she is certainly no chip off the old block.

“Feu”, which literally translates to “fire” in French, is all too fitting for this woman and her line, since her talent burns so bright.

Limi attended the esteemed Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo, and soon solidified her passion for the craft, despite her previous rebellion toward it. She started her line and began showing collections in Tokyo in the year 2000 and continued to do so for the following 7 years. In October 2007, she debuted her line in Paris where it was received with a warm reception. 

While her father admittedly designs for “the woman who doesn’t exist”, Limi’s work is very much for the everyday woman; so much so that she made the commendable decision to use all Japanese models, even in her Paris shows. She may use excessive volume and clever asymmetry like her father does, but her work is very much her own.


Her pieces are multi-dimensional and eye-catching, and at the same time very practical. The accessories thus far have been minimal; chunky boots and floppy hats, which do the perfect job of complimenting her dramatic silhouettes and beautiful layering.

Her spring collection was more deconstructed, while we saw an abundance of structure and tailoring in her fall collection.

Her risk-taking and undeniably unique vision set her apart from other designers, but she is already holding her own amongst the best of them.

Limi shows us a great versatility within each of her collections, yet they are still very cohesive and her style is already unmistakable.

Photos courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.