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I have always thought of pleats as the more stern, serious and severe cousin of the softer, more flighty and whimsical ruffle. Both are big trends for SS08 and add interest to an outfit by giving it shape, detail and texture, but the ruffle usually goes with a softer much more romantic look whilst the pleat is often more uniform, smart and sensible.

Not so though, for the SS08 Sophia Kokosalaki collection. Pleats have been used to add to the feminine, softness of the designs. She has cleverly kept the look sexy and subtle by using small areas of pleats in softly draping fabrics such as chiffon and satin. The pleating adds interest and texture without taking over the whole outfit. The fluidity of the pleats makes them a very distant relative of the stiff straight pleating used for school skirts much more sexy older sister of the girly ruffle – if you know what I mean.