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I had my days as an intern at a fashion magazine. When I first started, I was ready for a ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ or ‘Ugly Betty’ experience— getting backstabbed or standing in front of the photocopying machine all day long. I have even heard stories of how an intern from another local magazine got sent to a remote island alone to source for shooting location.

I was prepared for the worst. But in the end, I am lucky as I did not receive any nasty tasks.

Maybe after all you would really want to thank the lucky stars for your own glamour-free job now– here I am presenting to you three bizarre fashion-industry positions/roles that you could never thought existed.


An intern at a fashion magazine in New York was asked to deliver Karl Lagerfeld’s favorite 2B pencil so that he could autograph copies of them. She did not even get to meet him.


A certain fashion designer owns more than 100 iPods and he hired someone to take care of them, in the manner of a librarian. Moreover, his/her job is to upload CD collection on to the gadgets and source for the latest tracks to keep him entertained and inspired.


The role is to find an appropriate moniker for every couture outfit. This certain major-league designer’s recent winter collection boasted names such as Prince du Sang and Prince de Bohème. Talk about paying for the work of art.