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Nigel Barker is America’s Next Top Dreamhunk

Today at the Ford Artists Beauty Suite, I managed to steal Nigel Barker away from his manicure to ask him a couple of questions about AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL!!! New York Fashion Week. The ANTM judge was in good spirits and looking forward to an action-packed Fashion's Night Out at Rockefeller Center, where he'll be donating his time and behind-the-lens chops for Nine West Runway Relief and Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. The event will featuring a flash mob made up of dancing children, Carolyn Murphy, and Christy Teagan — so get over to Rockefeller Center by 6 PM.

Nigel Barker

On the subject of America's Next Top Model, Nigel promised "more gossip and bitchiness than ever before," for the 17th cycle of the modeling competition, which premieres on September 16. For the first time ever, ANTM is going All-Stars: "These girls now have so much to prove, because it's the second time around. There are a lot of old friends, and also, a lot of old foes." Egads, I can only imagine. The reality show has been on for over ten years, but Nigel tells us to expect big things ahead.

"We're changing it quite dramatically. Not in the format, but in the people. And what we decide to do…and I know we're already talking about season 18. And it's going to all new levels and places. It could have been that this was it, but actually, it looks like it's just the beginning."

Nigel Barker

But if you think that Nigel is just a pretty, pretty face, think again. The television personality has just wrapped up a documentary film about the worst slums in Port au Prince, Haiti which is slated to debut on December 2 at Art Basel. Nigel emphasized that the film is "on a smaller scale that isn't about the rubble, it's about getting up and going to school." Instead of offering on a sweeping view of national devastation and tragedy, the project follows a day in the life of a 12-year-old girl, a 22-year-old man, and a 64-year-old man.

Nigel Barker

Me and Nigel. Pretty much the best moment of my life.


Fashion Week "Would you rather…" 

Paris or NY
Spring or Fall
Champagne or Coconut water
Print or Digital
Facebook or Twitter
Marc Jacobs for Dior or Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton
J Crew or Tom Ford
Arizona Muse or Freja Beha Erichsen NEITHER
Subway or Car
Blackberry and iPhone
iPad or Laptop
Models or Celebrities REAL PEOPLE

images: Olivier Desarte