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Tory Burch Spring 2012 Runway Review

Considering the success of Tory Burch’s brand, it’s easy to forget that the designer has never shown a full runway presentation. It’s proof that the circus that we call fashion week is somewhat pointless because the CFDA winner and accessory queen has built a global brand without a media storm-inducing show. Nevertheless, Burch’s foray onto the runway was successful as her collection’s 20s influences and soft ladylike silhouettes are sure to be big sellers come spring. The drop waist, an emerging trend much to the dismay of curvy women everywhere, was a key trend.

Her reputation as a less trendy but more expensive J.Crew was sustained and housewives across the country are sure to be pleased. The most wonderful thing about Tory Burch is also the most boring, she is a lifestyle brand who knows exactly what her customers want and gives it to them. There’s something to be said about a designer who is not worried about a media frenzy or celebrity endorsements because she doesn’t need to be. The brand, which has stores and retailers worldwide, is expanding to include jewelry and swimwear; two categories that are sure to result in retail success for the brand. This collection won’t be making anyone’s best spectacle list but it will make waves where it counts.