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NYFW Spring 2012 Hits and Misses, Part 2 (Forum Buzz)

Thakoon Spring 2012

The Fashion Spot forum members continue to weigh in on the collections coming down the New York Fashion Week runways. Below are some of their impressions of the delights and disappointments.

NYFW Spring 2012 Hits - Jeremy Laing, Donna Karan, Y-3The Hits: Jeremy Laing, Donna Karan, Y-3


“I'm very pleasantly surprised. What changed? He's always been a fairly decent designer but this is quite outstanding, both for him and for New York. The volumes just fall beautifully on the models, it's not overwhelming in any way despite the textiles and layers.” [MulletProof]
“Jeremy Laing has always been one to watch for me and I've always liked his aesthetic but this is definitely his best effort so far. I saw the livestream and loved seeing this in motion, especially the finale walk when you could see all the looks at once. How many collections have we seen in New York so far that were cohesive with each individual outfit being beautiful and different? Not many, I'd say. Really loved this and so good to see him progressing as a designer.” [Psylocke]
“This is very samurai chic. There's definitely a great color palette and styling involved. I love the body flowing dresses combined with the more masculine warrior oversized coats.” [|PerfectTonight|]
“A bold collection, coming from Donna. It's not what you usually expect from her, and even though she moved away from her comfort zone, there were some remarkable pieces here.” [WilhelmF]
“Donna Karan proved that tribal prints can be a good match with luxurious evening wear and that was, maybe, the biggest surprise to me. Very unexpected, brilliant, outstanding collection.” [thunderstorm]
“The tribal theme is certainly nothing new, but this collection was very well executed and unique enough. I agree with everyone that the color palette is lovely, and such a relief to see instead of the usual spring fare of girly pinks, yellows and purples. While the full and flouncy skirts and dresses are standard Donna, she actually impressed me more with her flattering bodycon and form fitting pieces. The jewelry, bags and shoes are gorgeous, and beautifully paired with each look.” [HeatherAnne]
“I love this collection. I think it's funny everyone's doing sportswear themes in New York this season and yet this is much more elegant than Y-3 usually is and doesn't look all that sporty… I love the voluminous skirts.” [Psylocke]
“No doubt that this has its roots deep within Yohji Yamamoto's hand. This is Y-3 better than I have ever seen it. Considering the price point that it hits, and the fact that it is much less about ‘sweats’ now I think this will soar in stores. So many of the jackets and longer tops are beautiful and even the footwear is good.” [luckyme]
“Ok… I'm just gonna say it… this is the best Y-3 collection… EVER…!!!>>>!!!>>>!!!>>>!!! Simply heaven!” [softgrey]
NYFW Spring 2012 Misses - Thakoon, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Hervé Léger

The Misses: Thakoon, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Hervé Léger


“Kitsch never works for me, the collection looks uncomfortable as well.” [|PerfectTonight|]
“I think he is trying to capture the zeitgeist here in the spirit of Prada and the recent Dior Couture. The problem is with the styling and editing. Get rid of the thrift shop pieces and the gems will shine.” [coldlunch]
“It looks like Charles Anastase on a baroque Balenciaga trip. Too contrived. It's trying to maintain youth while pushing such a matronly Mary McFadden-like agenda at the same time. Too much conflict, and it's terribly overwhelming. He really should have dialed it back a bit.” [Scott]
“I find this boring, bland and uninspiring. Totally over color-blocking, I'm hungry for print and texture!!!” [thefunkykitten]
“What a complete and utter bore, after such a beautiful and interesting Fall show I feel especially done in by him. zzzZZZ” [HeatherAnne]
“I'm usually always enchanted by Marc by Marc, but this is terribly underwhelming and déjà-vu. Of course, I always try to be positive and see how each piece could look separately but this is quite tasteless and forgettable.” [Wolkfolk]
“This looks incredibly dated. Gladiator as a theme is fine with me, but done in those fabrics and detailed the way it is makes it look totally 90s. And not in a reference/camp/inspired/updated kinda way.” [Mr-Dale]
“This is so repetitive, all the dresses practically look the same, and the shoes are just horrible to look at.” [liberty33r1b]
“The usual figure hugging stuff, albeit only in a gladiator style. Some of it was OK, but some was just awful and those boots were really distracting from the dresses.” [Northern Star]

Images: Vincenzo Grillo/IMAXTREE