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The Rodnik Band Spring 2012 Runway Review

Combining pop art and fashion, Philip Colbert’s sea world-inspired Spring 2012 The Rodnik Band collection included plenty of fantastically eye-catching garments. While some, like the sequin-made submarine dress and one with a crab peeking up from the top would be fitting for few aside from Lady Gaga, a fan of the brand, others like a mod-ish fish scale-inspired dress and Navy SEAL-inspired separates could easily translate into girl-about-town wardrobes (think Sienna Miller, also a fan of Colbert’s work).

Giving his designs a somewhat political message this season, the designer partnered with the Environmental Justice Foundation to create he says, “A strong message behind the clothes […] they are a leading Environmental charity, and have done amazing work to reduce Pirate fishing, which has greatly affected the worlds fish stocks, causing massive damage to the wider marine ecosystem and the food security and livelihoods of poor coastal communities in developing countries.” Colbert went on to explain that he’s always had an affinity for the aesthetic the sea – “from Fisherman’s outfits to sailors uniforms. ”

Few collections are able to balance art-as-fashion with more diffused commercial looks, but this season’s The Rodnik Band's line-up did just that. Plus, who couldn’t use a cartoon-y shark bag to perk up their wardrobe?